Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dressing formal after 20

Hello Bella,

A week ago my husband and I chose to attend the 

{Apothecary Ball}

hosted by the Oregon State Pharmacy school.

The dilemma I encountered was finding a dress that would not shout 

{Prom repeat}

Let's be honest...most gowns out there are created for the
sole purpose of highschool.

As I began my search for the perfect dress, trying them on one by one...
I found that there were natural rules that developed in the back of my mind.

{Choose a dress with a slim silhoutte}

 ...not a princess dress.

{No more 'value' finds}

 Face it, we can't get away with
cheap materials that are used for Highschool dresses anymore.

{Be careful with sparkle}

 I have found that sparkle is best when there is little amounts or fine sparkle.
Fine sparkles may be over the entire dress but not overpowering.

{Formal wear after 20}

[An example of fine sparkles]

[Quality materials & detail]

[Sleek Silhoutte]

[Little amounts of Sparkle]

{{This is where these rules led me}}

I felt very elegant and dressed appropriately mature for my age.
Bella, I hope this helps next time you need to dress for that

{{something special}}

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  1. you look lovely :). glad you had a fun excuse to get all fancied up!

    hope you're having a great week!