Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 items 30 days...

Hello Bella,

So here it is...

{The challenge}

If you are up for it...

 One of my dear friends is facilitating a challenge through her blog that includes picking 30 clothing items (excluding: scarfs, hats, jewelery, etc.) and wearing only those items over the course of 30 days.

I have only been doing this challenge for seven days and I have found it to be surprisingly fun and exciting!

I have felt that by sectioning off 30 items, I am forced to look at and appreciate select pieces and mix/match them.

Almost like bringing home a bag of 30 new items!


Below are photos of my own 30 items and please visit {Urban Nester} for more information and to enter the contest to potentially win a handcrafted prize!

{please join this challenge with me and begin the journey of a sustainable lifestyle}

1 pair of khaki shorts

3 pairs denim

                                                                              2 Dresses

6 cardigans

4 jackets

2 skirts

                                                                                  6 tops

6 pairs of shoes

While we love fashion...everything is about balance.


  1. Love this idea! Thinking it might be a good one to try.... Can't wait to see some pictures of the outfits you come up with and what you wish you had swapped out of your 30 items!

  2. so glad you joined in on my challenge ! your looks are inspiring , bella :]