Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obsession: Short hair

Hello, Bella

So I have seen a trend in Hollywood that includes either

{Very short}
{Very long}


and I am obsessed with...

{very short}

I have decided to cut my hair something like this...

{as soon as possible}

Oh Emma...

Oh Twiggy...


Do you see a pattern?

I am in aww of these women and their beautiful features
that come forward through their lack of locks...

I just can't wait...

Is this tempting to you bella or do you prefer long locks?


  1. Well Doll face I have to say I prefer the long on myself however think that the short hair is pretty much the hottest most feminine style! Cant wait to see you with it!!

  2. please , please , PLEASE get short hair . you would look amazing , my darling helena !

  3. could pull anything off! I think this style will look amazing with those gorgeous eyes of yours!

  4. As you know I am an EXTREMELY long haired type of woman, BUT I believe you darling will look exceptional with short hair <3 Go for it!

  5. This is very tempting. I am a big fan of Twiggy's short do.