Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dressing formal after 20

Hello Bella,

A week ago my husband and I chose to attend the 

{Apothecary Ball}

hosted by the Oregon State Pharmacy school.

The dilemma I encountered was finding a dress that would not shout 

{Prom repeat}

Let's be honest...most gowns out there are created for the
sole purpose of highschool.

As I began my search for the perfect dress, trying them on one by one...
I found that there were natural rules that developed in the back of my mind.

{Choose a dress with a slim silhoutte}

 ...not a princess dress.

{No more 'value' finds}

 Face it, we can't get away with
cheap materials that are used for Highschool dresses anymore.

{Be careful with sparkle}

 I have found that sparkle is best when there is little amounts or fine sparkle.
Fine sparkles may be over the entire dress but not overpowering.

{Formal wear after 20}

[An example of fine sparkles]

[Quality materials & detail]

[Sleek Silhoutte]

[Little amounts of Sparkle]

{{This is where these rules led me}}

I felt very elegant and dressed appropriately mature for my age.
Bella, I hope this helps next time you need to dress for that

{{something special}}

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Bella,

I must apologize for my long absence...

I am a full time student, working part time--with a list of 


However, today is 

{{Valentine's Day}}

Enjoy this day.

Whether you are single, dating, or married please treat yourself to some 

{fashion & chocolate}

{{Chic ideas to spice up your Valentine's Day this year}}


{Chocolate shoes...yumm x 2}

{Sweet & Pretty}

 {Red lips & falsy lashes}

{Let's try nontraditional pinks & red shades this year}

{Flats have a sexy flare with a baby-doll skirt--shown in second photo}

{Make some fabulous treats & invite others to share}

 {{Roses & LOVE from me to you}}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Gossip Girl}

Hello Bella,

We all have those days... Filled with a lack of fashion inspiration.
Mostly, because on days like these, fashion hardly seems to be the most important priority.

Today was nothing short of...


Until, that is... I engaged in some therapeutic cooking and sat down to watch

{{Gossip Girl}}

And to my surprise, there was not only one, but two new episodes.

{Instant inspiration pick me-up}

Always fabulous. Thanks Gossip Girl.

Where do you find your inspiration Bella??

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Bello

Hello Bello,

 I have decided, upon request...

to do a {menswear} feature every couple weeks.

Menswear is simple--all you need is...

[The Jacket]

[The Cardigan]

[The Sweater/Button Up]

[The Dark Denim]

[The Skinny Tie]

[The Henley]

[The T-Shirt]

[Charcoal Denim]

[The Blazer]

[The Vest]

[The Blazer/Jean Combo]

[The Plaid]

[The Boots]

[[The Spring Line Up]]

[Short sleeve button ups]

[Fitted Cuttoff Shorts]

Whether you are a gentlemen's Lady or you are the gentlemen reading this post...

[all you need to know is]

Menswear is simple, yet it walks a thin line.

[The Line]

Make sure that the denim is dark

Be aware of the shoe's purpose-- athletics or streetwear?

The best shirt fit is when the shoulder seem lines up with the shoulder

Baggie jeans are out, skinny/fitted jeans are in

[Need more lines?]

Write me a post or e-mail me at

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking fab when you're feeling drab.

Hello Bella,

So...the last few days I have been feeling very sick and it seems I have come down with the flu.

After spending nearly twelve hours in bed and still feeling awful...
I found that I needed some refreshing.

I got up, went to the bathroom and realized I nearly looked as awful as I felt,
so I took a nice warm shower and thought to myself...

What is something quick, easy and comfortable to throw on?

Here it is...the go to's when you need a

{ Fashion pick-me-up}

#1 As my husband [Pharmacy student at Oregon State] would point out-
nothing masks the symptoms like a little:
--Ibuprofen (pain/fever)
-- Dextromethorphen (cough)
 --Phenylephrine (decongestant)
 --Throat coat tea.

#2 Throw on your loose fitting and most comfortable pair of trouser jeans.

#3 Begin applying layers
--I wrapped myself in my comfy drape sweater along with a cozy scarf.

#4 Keep your makeup simple
--concealer will be your best friend for covering dark circles and a red nose.
--apply a light layer of foundation
--use a light color around the entire eye to restore brightness
--apply pink to cheeks and cheek bones to give the appearance of rejuvenation
--for lips, apply a shade of pink to uplift the lip color
--finally apply mascara

{This makeup should only take 10 min. max.}


#5 Pick something simple yet flattering
--I always default to backcombing on the crown to give me an extra lift
--simple pony tails or buns are easy and [luckily] unusually fashionable lately

I have to say this was successful all around for me...
I went to pick up a few groceries and some coffee with hubbs and the lady at
Starbucks asked what I was up to today...

I responded with the truth--

"This is the first time out of the house today, due to running a fever."
She responded with a sweet compliment-- "Well you look nice, I couldn't tell."

{God bless that woman at Starbucks}

Well, Bella... I hope this helps next time your sick or even just in a hurry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 items 30 days...

Hello Bella,

So here it is...

{The challenge}

If you are up for it...

 One of my dear friends is facilitating a challenge through her blog that includes picking 30 clothing items (excluding: scarfs, hats, jewelery, etc.) and wearing only those items over the course of 30 days.

I have only been doing this challenge for seven days and I have found it to be surprisingly fun and exciting!

I have felt that by sectioning off 30 items, I am forced to look at and appreciate select pieces and mix/match them.

Almost like bringing home a bag of 30 new items!


Below are photos of my own 30 items and please visit {Urban Nester} for more information and to enter the contest to potentially win a handcrafted prize!

{please join this challenge with me and begin the journey of a sustainable lifestyle}

1 pair of khaki shorts

3 pairs denim

                                                                              2 Dresses

6 cardigans

4 jackets

2 skirts

                                                                                  6 tops

6 pairs of shoes

While we love fashion...everything is about balance.