Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Gossip Girl}

Hello Bella,

We all have those days... Filled with a lack of fashion inspiration.
Mostly, because on days like these, fashion hardly seems to be the most important priority.

Today was nothing short of...


Until, that is... I engaged in some therapeutic cooking and sat down to watch

{{Gossip Girl}}

And to my surprise, there was not only one, but two new episodes.

{Instant inspiration pick me-up}

Always fabulous. Thanks Gossip Girl.

Where do you find your inspiration Bella??


  1. I love Pretty Little Liars! Not a huge fan of what Hannah wears, but I love Aria and Spencer's outfits!

  2. i love love LOVE me some gossip girl . hope today is better , lovely lady !

  3. I've been loving how the ruffle is on the last leg of its life cycle so it's reached the exaggerated, all-consuming stage (second image). I've been seeing this body-consuming ruffle, vest-like situation going on a lot lately...Eva Longoria wore something similar to the grammys, check it out if you haven't seen yet!: