Monday, April 2, 2012


So, since I have been gone there has been a passionate love affair
 that we have yet to discuss...


...And while it's been around for a bit, I think it's worth revisiting
and I hope it's one that will stick around

Here are a few examples of some color blocking with my girlfriends and I
while we were out for my besties birthday (blue)

Each of these beautiful ladies blog too:
nestingblissfully and thewhimwhamlife, check them out!

Mmhhmm...Love it! I hope this will inspire you to play with what's already in your closet Bella...
It may surprise you what you already have!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Forward: DIY shorts

Hello Bella!

It's not even spring yet and I am already obsessed with shorts!

And I don't think I am alone...

Look at these adorable DIY




Eyelet Hem

...Of course the original Levi Jean cutoff/rolled hem 
worn in Dirty Dancing (my all time favorite) by Baby

Bella, any of these adorable do-it yourself shorts (originally Levi
or Wrangler brands and preferably high waisted fit) can be found at
any local used clothing store (ex: Value Village or Goodwill) and any
additional craft materials can be found at any local fabric or craft store.

 ...And here are a few more of my must haves!

That's all for now Bella...What are you just itching for come spring time??