Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obsession: Short hair

Hello, Bella

So I have seen a trend in Hollywood that includes either

{Very short}
{Very long}


and I am obsessed with...

{very short}

I have decided to cut my hair something like this...

{as soon as possible}

Oh Emma...

Oh Twiggy...


Do you see a pattern?

I am in aww of these women and their beautiful features
that come forward through their lack of locks...

I just can't wait...

Is this tempting to you bella or do you prefer long locks?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Talented Bellas

The Bellas I spend my time with are extremely talented individuals...

{They amaze me}

I would like to highlight and share with you a few of their many talents.

This is only ten shots from one individual shoot that my sweet husband and I modeled for...

You will be desperate to see more of their work

{Trust me}

 Dress & Bow tie: Margaret Saunders

Photography: Niki Rhodes of r Photography

Hair Piece: Austie Eckley

Makeup: Destiney Taylor

Hair: Helena {me}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wishful thinking...

Hello Bella,

We had some beautiful weather in Oregon this week and it got me thinking about spring...


I began to think about my approach to spring this year.

This is the color scheme I have fallen in love with...

A bella who I work and go to school with is doing fashion forecasting

for a boutique in New York...

She tells me they call this color


I believe this will be my attack plan on spring...What will yours be Bella?

Let's be optomistic and hope for an early spring!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The fine line.

Hello, Bella
Do you ever find yourself longing to be an early adopter of a 
trendy look but you're too afraid that you won't pull it off?

        {it's a fine line.}

                              Here are some of my favorite new trends and their
       {do's & dont's.}


Wear nicely fitting Harem trousers with a fitted top.


Wear baggie harem pants with an inseam that hangs to the knee.


Wear fur complemented by sleek layers underneath.


Let fur wear you by overdoing it.


Wear feminine literal prints.


Let literal prints take over by masking your shape.

{Either way}

Go out there and be bold.

Allow yourself to experiment and the fun part about fashion
 is that it is always changing and you can always try again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Look Book

Hello Bella,

This is my first posting so I will introduce myself.
My name is Helena... I am a Fashion Merchandising student
at Oregon State University and I will be graduating this Spring.
Soon after, I will be heading to Portland to
attend Aveda Institute (cosmotology school).
As I progress in this design journey
I would like to document in hopes of helping
every beautiful (Bella) woman out there with some beauty tips.

Here is what I have been up to...

This is another Bella named Maggie Saunders...

Second Glance boutique in Corvallis asked me to create a
look book to go along with free makeup consultations
I will be doing on the 26th of January {Wednesday}...

...And I thought, who better than this bella {with beautiful brown eyes} to use as my model?

 All of these looks are very {{wearable}} and simple.

                                Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful.

                                                      To get this look:

                                                             {I used}


  •   Bare Minerals concealer brush
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Face brushes
  • MAC angled brush (for liner)


                                   Motives Celebrity pallette {eyes}

                                       -Ivory for the entire eye
                     -Bronze for the arch and along the bottom of the eye

                                      Bare Minerals Mineral Vail                    
                                         Bare Minerals Matte                                   
                                        Motives flushed blush

  This is what I used but it is very easy to get these simple looks with other stand in products.