Monday, January 24, 2011

Look Book

Hello Bella,

This is my first posting so I will introduce myself.
My name is Helena... I am a Fashion Merchandising student
at Oregon State University and I will be graduating this Spring.
Soon after, I will be heading to Portland to
attend Aveda Institute (cosmotology school).
As I progress in this design journey
I would like to document in hopes of helping
every beautiful (Bella) woman out there with some beauty tips.

Here is what I have been up to...

This is another Bella named Maggie Saunders...

Second Glance boutique in Corvallis asked me to create a
look book to go along with free makeup consultations
I will be doing on the 26th of January {Wednesday}...

...And I thought, who better than this bella {with beautiful brown eyes} to use as my model?

 All of these looks are very {{wearable}} and simple.

                                Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful.

                                                      To get this look:

                                                             {I used}


  •   Bare Minerals concealer brush
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Face brushes
  • MAC angled brush (for liner)


                                   Motives Celebrity pallette {eyes}

                                       -Ivory for the entire eye
                     -Bronze for the arch and along the bottom of the eye

                                      Bare Minerals Mineral Vail                    
                                         Bare Minerals Matte                                   
                                        Motives flushed blush

  This is what I used but it is very easy to get these simple looks with other stand in products.


  1. yay ! helena has a stylish blog ! can't wait to get great beauty tips from this ! love you !

  2. okay helena...i follow you :) looks good so far!!

  3. yay for starting a blog! i love the pretty looks you gave maggie - she looks even more beautiful than usual :).

  4. Love all the makeup pictures! What exactly did you use for the first look? Its looks simple, easy and beautiful!