Friday, January 28, 2011

Talented Bellas

The Bellas I spend my time with are extremely talented individuals...

{They amaze me}

I would like to highlight and share with you a few of their many talents.

This is only ten shots from one individual shoot that my sweet husband and I modeled for...

You will be desperate to see more of their work

{Trust me}

 Dress & Bow tie: Margaret Saunders

Photography: Niki Rhodes of r Photography

Hair Piece: Austie Eckley

Makeup: Destiney Taylor

Hair: Helena {me}


  1. Just found your blog! What a fun idea. Amazing photos as well, very light and beautiful. Yay for talented friends! xoxo

    P.S. My hubby and I both went to OSU too!

  2. Thank you Bonnie! I just checked out your blog as well and I am in love.

    You and your husband both look so familiar...The OSU connection circuit is rather small :]

  3. Thanks lovely! You're right, the OSU circle is very small. I'm sure we are linked somehow:-) xoxo