Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The fine line.

Hello, Bella
Do you ever find yourself longing to be an early adopter of a 
trendy look but you're too afraid that you won't pull it off?

        {it's a fine line.}

                              Here are some of my favorite new trends and their
       {do's & dont's.}


Wear nicely fitting Harem trousers with a fitted top.


Wear baggie harem pants with an inseam that hangs to the knee.


Wear fur complemented by sleek layers underneath.


Let fur wear you by overdoing it.


Wear feminine literal prints.


Let literal prints take over by masking your shape.

{Either way}

Go out there and be bold.

Allow yourself to experiment and the fun part about fashion
 is that it is always changing and you can always try again.

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  1. Hey Helena! So glad you are blogging! I love this post!