Thursday, April 21, 2011

To the MAX

Hello Bella,
So here is what I am on the hunt for...


Maxi skirts, to be exact but I am loving on maxi-dresses as well.

Something like these perhaps...

I think the flow is key...
It needs to be ultra flowy.

Almost, over sized.
To create this beautifully feminine look.

Bella, have you spotted these lately??
Tell me where!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Choose: Your Hairstyle

Hello Bella,

Some of you may know that my mother is a fashionista
and very talented hairdresser/salon owner.

In all my years of sitting in her salon
(since I can remember)
and after all the years of her mentoring....

I have picked up a few tips on

{How to Choose}

The best style or haircut for you.

Step #1 is defining your personal face shape.

This can be classified by geometrical shapes
[ie. heart, circle, oval, triangle or square]

Pay attention to the silhouette of the face

Emma Watson's face is heart shaped.

The heart shaped face can wear almost any hairstyle.
However, the most flattering looks are those that show the silhouette.
Therefore, it is best if the person with this face shape does not choose
a long hairstyle unless the hair is very full and stays off the face. If the
hair is too close to the face it can overrun the petite facial features.

Mila Kunis' face is a circle.

The circular face is complimented by those hairstyles that are
full and cut into the circular appearance. Her long hair and swooped
bangs are a perfect example.
Pay attention to how they cut into the circular shape.

Eva Longoria's face shape is oval.

Oval shape faces are complimented by a full figured top. The height
draws the eyes upward and keeps the face from looking long and
drawn out. Shorter hair is perfect for this face shape because it easier
to keep texture and a full figure toward the top. However, if you
are set on long hair, just make sure to tease and keep the top full. 

Kim Kardashian's face shape is a triangle.

Kim is the perfect example of a triangular shape. However, you can
hardly recognize the corners of her face because she has
covered the edges by letting her bangs swoop into her face shape.
She also has a lot of body in her hair and therefore can keep it long.
If you have thin hair you can do a shorter cut and texture around the face.

Reece Witherspoon's face is a square shape.

The square face shape needs to have a soft appearance
in order to smooth the edges of the face. Swooping
soft bangs are a great look for a square face shape.
The square shape is also complimented by long
and soft hair (curls are ideal).

My face is Heart shaped...

And this is what my mom and I came up with.


What's your face shape Bella?
If you would like to send me a picture for some advice on
 hair styles for you, I would be happy to help!
My e-mail is


Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Doll

Hello Bella,
I adore being called

{Baby Doll}

There is something so sweet and endearing about this nickname.

I also love all the sweet things that pertain to baby dolls...

[especially these baby doll shorts]

I need a pair of these sweet shorts.

What's your favorite nickname bella? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Blast to The Past: Cozy Chic

Hello bella,
As you know, I have been pining for spring to come...
The result has been a push of the envelope.

[ie. wearing skirts, sandals and light blouses in 45-55 degree weather]

However, this weekend my husband and I
[as well as our friends in Pharmacy school with my husband]
will be heading to the winter weather in Sunriver.

I am pleasantly surprised that I will be having a

{Blast to The Past}

Back to Winter Wonderland we go!

I am very excited to play with layers and

{Cozy Chic}


I think this may be a bitter sweet moment...
Goodbye to winter and hello to Spring.

Bella, do you have any happy or sad fairwells to winter?

Or perhaps,

just joyous hello's to Spring!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Post at:

Hello Bella,

A good friend from highschool recently asked me to create
a guest post for his blog (his blog pertains to building your own personal brand).

I chose a 'How-To' in proffessional suiting.

How do you dress in a way that sets you up to make
the best first impression?

Please Visit

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet & Elegant

Hello Bella,

We have experienced some warmer weather here in Oregon recently...
I have been watching the tree outside my house slowly begin to bud
and now there are even small blooms on each branch.

However, I still find myself pining for the
shades of Spring to flourish the entire tree.

The {{sweet and elegant}} nature of cherry trees can send
me into a dream-like happiness that inspires me...

To walk down the street wearing something like






What's inspiring you for Spring Bella??

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pregnancy Chic

Hello Bellas,

This last week I had the pleasure of spending some
severely needed quality time with my sister.

Due to multiple requests and having my beautiful
 [7 month pregnant] sister on hand
I was inspired to do a

'How To'
{{ Pregnancy Chic}}

The how to's for the every-day-fashionista who happens to
be pregnant. You may be on your first or you may be juggling
another munchkin similar to this one

{This is Weston}
My 1 & 1/2 year old nephew and joy of my life.

{This is Selena}
This beautiful bella is my sister.

Not only have I had the joy of helping my sister in finding
flattering looks during her pregnancy...

I have also consulted numerous pregnant women that have
visited a local boutique that I work at.

During these experiences I have picked up a few

{How To's}

1. long hair is best.
Many woman would like to cut their hair because it's easier
but truth be told, most woman become rounder in the face
and long hair compliments this face shape best.
Also, use moisturizing treatments, your hormones
may cause some dryness to the hair.

2. Choose a fitted top that outlines the growing bump.
By accentuating the bump you are proclaiming that you
are pregnant, not frumpy and that you ARE pregnant.

3. Choose a loose fitting jacket.
This will create a slender look for the arms and even
if the arms have grown it will appear that they are smaller.

4. Choose nicely fitting jeans.
These jeans don't need to be skinny but they should
show that your legs are smaller than your top half.

5. Take care of your skin.
Even if you don't prefer makeup, try a light foundation,
concealer, blush, and mascara. And don't forget to MOISTURIZE-
your skin is stretching around the belly so invest in quality Shea butter.

6. Lastly, accessorize.
Don't worry so much about accumulating piles of maternity clothing.
You will need a few basics that create a flattering appearance.

However, simple is best when you can accessorize. Long
necklaces are a great find because they split the middle line of the
body and breakup a wider appearance.

These tips should help in giving the appearance of a slim
and fit mom that is taking care of herself and her baby on the way.

 {My sister and I}

{The Borne Family}

I hope this helps you now or in the future bella!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wish List...

Happy weekend Bellas!

                                        We are enjoying a beautiful day in Oregon today and I hope
wherever you are it is sunny as well.

On a sunny day like today I feel especially fortunate to have the day
[off work]

I like to go for a little workout, relax, walk outside
and everyone once and a while...create a


Today my list is all about:

 TRAVEL/comfort/relaxation, fashion, and food.

And lucky for me my hubbs is planning a trip for our
one year anniversary (end of June) here:

{{Puerto Vallarta}}

What's inspiring your wishlist Bella?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello Bella,
Have you ever been 

You know...Those decadent delights--people, desserts, smells, anything.
 Well... I have a few things that I am currently obsessing over.



Oh Kim... While the media may love to hate her at times...
 there is no denying, she is a

{Beautiful Bella}

I adore everything from her fashion sense to her makeup.

Bella, if you are at a loss of inspiration... look to Kim.


My clothing/accessory Obsessions

Thigh high socks (I am dying to grab a pair)

Strappy/Ankle boots

Tying belts (you can do this with any belt that's a little longer)

Jackets/cardigans with draping lapels

Layer upon layers of bracelets

Mini dresses w/ tights and layered thigh highs over top

Dramatically long feather earrings

Bow hair pieces
[this is especially cute with a little knot bun on top of the head
that Whitney Port wears so well]

I hope this gives you a few things to


over for now...

What are some of your current obsessions Bella??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Olivia Rose

Hello Bella,

Along with many of my blog themes I would like to incorporate the

{bellas of my life}

The first one is something special...

This posting is a tribute to one of the lovely women who continually inspires me.

{Olivia Rose}

The outfit posted bellow is inspired by Olivia
 and infused with some of my own flair.

In the years I have known this bella, it would not be unusual for her to


throw on something like this...

Olivia Rose

Her fashion sense is uniquely characterized by
 a sort of  European--relaxed & natural look.

This bella (daily) carries herself in such a way that one would assume
 she were on a stroll through Paris.

I aspire to be like this bella...

Mostly in the way she

{lives and loves}

Meet, Ms. Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose by Helena.Albanese featuring Inspired by my lovely and oh, so chic friend {Olivia Rose}

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dressing formal after 20

Hello Bella,

A week ago my husband and I chose to attend the 

{Apothecary Ball}

hosted by the Oregon State Pharmacy school.

The dilemma I encountered was finding a dress that would not shout 

{Prom repeat}

Let's be honest...most gowns out there are created for the
sole purpose of highschool.

As I began my search for the perfect dress, trying them on one by one...
I found that there were natural rules that developed in the back of my mind.

{Choose a dress with a slim silhoutte}

 ...not a princess dress.

{No more 'value' finds}

 Face it, we can't get away with
cheap materials that are used for Highschool dresses anymore.

{Be careful with sparkle}

 I have found that sparkle is best when there is little amounts or fine sparkle.
Fine sparkles may be over the entire dress but not overpowering.

{Formal wear after 20}

[An example of fine sparkles]

[Quality materials & detail]

[Sleek Silhoutte]

[Little amounts of Sparkle]

{{This is where these rules led me}}

I felt very elegant and dressed appropriately mature for my age.
Bella, I hope this helps next time you need to dress for that

{{something special}}