Thursday, April 21, 2011

To the MAX

Hello Bella,
So here is what I am on the hunt for...


Maxi skirts, to be exact but I am loving on maxi-dresses as well.

Something like these perhaps...

I think the flow is key...
It needs to be ultra flowy.

Almost, over sized.
To create this beautifully feminine look.

Bella, have you spotted these lately??
Tell me where!!


  1. I've seen them all over. I'm personally not a fan, I don't think they are flattering. Don't hate me lol

  2. I have definitely seen them around, but none like these. Most that I find are fitted, which is not the look I am attracted to...Flowy is key. As for not being a fan...These should definitely be worn with care. Any of the photos I have shown above are flattering on these women but if you're not careful they can definitely go very wrong!! I understand your hesitation :]

  3. I love Maxi's! I am short so I feel like they make me look a lot longer and taller :) But then they tend to be too long for me...and hard to walk in haha. I saw some pretty full ones at H&M in Portland

  4. I love them too! Thank you for the heads up Carly!!It may be easy to hem a Maxi dress or you could have it hemmed possibly? I will be checking for them at H&M asap :]

  5. They have a sale going on at Forever 21 on some maxi's. I was surprised with their variety. Most of them were flowy and completely gorgeous.

  6. Target has a great sale right now of simple Maxis!! I found your blog through Molly-- its way cute :) and I love your risk taking with your hair! its so cute ! have a great day!

  7. I think this second dress is great!
    Maybe I'll sew my own someday....thanks for the inspiration.

    I'll be following your blog..and I hope you'll drop by to see me too.

    Ciao Bella!