Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Olivia Rose

Hello Bella,

Along with many of my blog themes I would like to incorporate the

{bellas of my life}

The first one is something special...

This posting is a tribute to one of the lovely women who continually inspires me.

{Olivia Rose}

The outfit posted bellow is inspired by Olivia
 and infused with some of my own flair.

In the years I have known this bella, it would not be unusual for her to


throw on something like this...

Olivia Rose

Her fashion sense is uniquely characterized by
 a sort of  European--relaxed & natural look.

This bella (daily) carries herself in such a way that one would assume
 she were on a stroll through Paris.

I aspire to be like this bella...

Mostly in the way she

{lives and loves}

Meet, Ms. Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose by Helena.Albanese featuring Inspired by my lovely and oh, so chic friend {Olivia Rose}

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