Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello Bella,
Have you ever been 

You know...Those decadent delights--people, desserts, smells, anything.
 Well... I have a few things that I am currently obsessing over.



Oh Kim... While the media may love to hate her at times...
 there is no denying, she is a

{Beautiful Bella}

I adore everything from her fashion sense to her makeup.

Bella, if you are at a loss of inspiration... look to Kim.


My clothing/accessory Obsessions

Thigh high socks (I am dying to grab a pair)

Strappy/Ankle boots

Tying belts (you can do this with any belt that's a little longer)

Jackets/cardigans with draping lapels

Layer upon layers of bracelets

Mini dresses w/ tights and layered thigh highs over top

Dramatically long feather earrings

Bow hair pieces
[this is especially cute with a little knot bun on top of the head
that Whitney Port wears so well]

I hope this gives you a few things to


over for now...

What are some of your current obsessions Bella??


  1. I'm obsessed with feather earrings too! I went from zero to four pairs recently:-) And now people are putting feathers in their hair! Hmmm. xoxo

  2. Love love! I had pheasant feathers in my hair for a time and we will be puting them in our client's hair at my work (Second Glance Annex). So yummy.

  3. i've been loving me some thigh high socks all winter long....especially over's pretty much the only way i can manage to wear dresses w/o freezing. haha! you should check out sock dreams in sellwood - they have such great socks and tights and also target for some socks on the cheap :). and those long feather earrings are so much fun...i've definitely got a stock pile myself.

    things i have been obsessing over:

    -high waisted wide leg trouser jeans (think 70's)
    -chambray shirt dresses
    -t-strap clogs....i'm dying for a red pair
    -jewel tone leather bags
    -these comme des garcons pouches (
    -hot pink lipstick

    i've got a long list apparently :).