Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Bello

Hello Bello,

 I have decided, upon request...

to do a {menswear} feature every couple weeks.

Menswear is simple--all you need is...

[The Jacket]

[The Cardigan]

[The Sweater/Button Up]

[The Dark Denim]

[The Skinny Tie]

[The Henley]

[The T-Shirt]

[Charcoal Denim]

[The Blazer]

[The Vest]

[The Blazer/Jean Combo]

[The Plaid]

[The Boots]

[[The Spring Line Up]]

[Short sleeve button ups]

[Fitted Cuttoff Shorts]

Whether you are a gentlemen's Lady or you are the gentlemen reading this post...

[all you need to know is]

Menswear is simple, yet it walks a thin line.

[The Line]

Make sure that the denim is dark

Be aware of the shoe's purpose-- athletics or streetwear?

The best shirt fit is when the shoulder seem lines up with the shoulder

Baggie jeans are out, skinny/fitted jeans are in

[Need more lines?]

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  1. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I was once told that mixing brown
    and black shades is a fox pass. Is that true or is it a good idea... or is it appropriate in certain situations? I've always been personally a fan of the mixing of the two. I also have been a fan of blue sweat pants so I don't trust myself...

  2. Well Mr. Trott, that is not a dumb question. I think in the last few years faux pas were tossed out almost completely. It's actually worse to match too much... I think you can almost always get away with mixing...the only rule I have found is that it may be most aesthetically pleasing when-- either one of the colors is a lighter shade...meaning if the color is dark brown, pair with a light black (aka charcoal gray) or if the color is light brown, pair with true black...This rule is also true with mixing black and navy. I hope this helps.

  3. Loooove this post. I've been thinking the same way lately - menswear is just so simple all you need is a few basics in a few neutrals...wear and repeat boys! And I'm having a major obsession with the henley as of recent...

    You are officially on my "favorites" on my work computer as one of my resources for trend research :)

  4. Thanks Hill! I feel honored... One fashionista to another :] Please let me know if there is ever any special fashion interests you would like me to blog about!

  5. Oooh! Nice! Great tips Helena! I'm slowly easing my hubby into a new world of fashion, (he's a total jock when he isn't wearing his office clothes). Wish me luck:-) xoxo